Traditional cabinet making really does go hand in hand with restoration work of all kinds.  Our passion for woodworking keeps us focused on producing the highest quality of work in our field ensuring we always exceed our customers expectations and that our work stands the test of time.

Our range of cabinet making work extends from small jobs including repair work to furniture,  custom making chopping boards,  all the way to the bigger jobs ( Bespoke dining tables, tv units etc. ). If you would like something made either from a photo or you just need something made for your space requirements we have you covered. Using new and recycled Australian timbers and creating them into quality handmade pieces of furniture. Specialising in high quality bespoke work with a high attention to detail.

We welcome you to browse through our gallery and be in contact with the team or come down and see us to talk over your design.  All furniture is custom made to order.

JW Polishing - Rustic Coffee Counter

Being qualified cabinet makers, we offer a wide range of cabinet making services in Sydney and we pride ourselves on being able to turn your ideas into superior made items. Our services range from:

  • Custom made furniture ( Bespoke Furniture )
  • Handmade items
  • Repairing damaged furniture
  • Altering furniture
  • Building recycled timber furniture
  • Making custom solid chopping boards and cheese platters

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