An exhaustive guide about selecting your cabinets

Builder grade kitchen cabinets fail to set an impression? This is why going for custom cabinet making sounds like an exciting idea. Your perfect kitchen is designed to suit your needs. It has all the materials and colours that you choose.

This is why going for professional cabinet maker’s sounds like a smart idea. You should go for a company that gives you the flexibility to give all the intricate details about your cabinets.

Deciding upon your kitchen cabinets

You need to do your bit of research before choosing a professional cabinet making company and you should have a clear perception about the kind of shelves you need.

Discovering the cabinet types

First, you should have a clear concept about the different cabinet types.Some people prefer to have drawers under the counter and some prefer corner cabinets. There are some people who prefer mounted on the wall shelves. You should have a clear perception about the cabinet type before making your next move.

Perceiving the cabinet grades

There are four basic types of cabinet grades. If you go for the custom cabinets, you have unlimited options in this regard. You can dictate all your terms and conditions when you go for the custom cabinets.

For example, you can decide the construction, style, hardware and material. Some of the best cabinet makers can easily imitate shelves as presented in pictures so you can also try this option if you want to mimic the photos.

If you are in a hurry and do not want your shelves to be made from the scratch, you can consider opting for semi-custom shelves. These are basically stock shelves but they have got customized doors.

You can also opt for ready to assemble shelves but we do not favor the idea. The reason is these ready to assemble cabinets often compromise on the element of durability. Moreover, you will still need to hire professionals for their installation.

Stock cabinets are also available in the market but they will never be the preference of a person who wants the element of creativity in the shelves. Such shelves are usually sold in specific sizes so it will not be possible for you to alter these cabinets.

Style matters

When you are opting in for customized cabinets, then style does make a difference. If you want a traditional style, you should go for shelves that have got raised panel doors.

When you go for the traditional style, you will notice that the central panel looks more raised by making use of a central groove around the actual molding.

If you love mission cabinets, you should consider opting for shakers as they resemble the mission cabinets. They focus more on durability and function. Moreover, these shelves have got a narrow frame molding.

When you love flat panel doors, you can also think on the lines of going for actual mission cabinets. These shelves have clean lines and have got a square frame molding. You will notice that these shelves are stained and made up of pure oak. This is the reason that the grains look quite highlighted.

When you want a mix and match of different styles, then you can go for the beaded cabinets. When you choose beaded shelves, you will notice that the interior panel has stripes. These stripes are created by making use of the single and double groove.

If you wish to think a bit out of the box, then going for arched cathedral can be a good idea. The door panel of the arched cathedral cabinets is made like an arched window. The shape can be raised or recessed also within the actual door frame.You can explore this style for the upper wall cabinets.

Going for open shelving

Well, open shelving is quite a popular concept. It particularly goes well with people who believing in organizing their shelves and want all the items to be accessible. You should go for open shelving if you have a small kitchen. Your kitchen will look bigger when it will have open shelving.

Moreover, the open shelves give a casual look to your kitchen. You have cost benefits too when you opt for open shelving. The full cabinets are more expensive in comparison to the open shelves.

You can even display your cookbooks, vases and dishes in the open shelves.

Now, that you have a clear concept about cabinets, make sure that you shortlist the best cabinet makers and have a look at their designs. If you have your own design which you want the makers to mimic, then you should make sure that you acquire the quotes.

This way you can avoid hidden expenses. Make sure that you fix in a meeting with the cabinet maker so that you can explicitly give in your requirements. This way you will get the cabinets of your choice and will not have any regrets.



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