French Polishing is Our Specialty

Word polish refers to the action of rubbing wood or metal with substance in order to clean it and make it shinier. There are several procedures used to polish furniture, for example Wax, Shellac, Drying Oil, Lacquer, Varnish and Paint. Many techniques are used in Australia and around the globe. Among these techniques French polishing is considered the best. Let’s see how it works.

French Polishing is the technique which is used to give very high gloss to the furniture. The main material which French polishing uses is called Shellac. Although Shellac is widely used in different techniques, but this technique is also named as Shellac based polishing. Shellac is dissolved in denatured alcohol and rubbed by absorbent cotton or wool cloth.

French Polishing became more prominent in 18th century. This technique achieved great acceptance and approval in the Victorian era, but later it was abandoned by many manufacturers. At that time people preferred other cheaper and quicker techniques of polishing. Now again this technique is again gaining its lost importance. People are again paying attention towards this technique, especially in Australia. In the field of French Polishing many companies are being established and we see lot of service providers around the world. In Australia there are a number of service providers. Among them JW Polishing is most reliable French Polishing service provider. We have expertise in following services:

French Polishing

Furniture restoration and furniture polishing is a very specialized trade, which needs extraordinary expertise. Ensuring customer satisfaction is always our first priority. Difficulties and hassles do not matter to us. The things that matters for us are high standard of work and competitive prices. We provide French Polishing service to restore the beauty of your furniture.


JW Polishing is australia’s leading service provider which sprays different types of wooden materials such as Dining tables, Cupboards and Drawers, etc. French Polishing is specially used to polish Pianos and Guitars. In this regard, we provide better service of spraying your music instruments in Australia.

 Stair Case

JW Polishing ensures that it gives extremely eye appealing look to stair cases of its customers. Using French Polishing technique we polish your stairs and give gorgeous look to you houses. We are specialized in matching your stairs’ color to your floor. We always give a guarantee of the suitable color scheme and quality as well. You can get on site domestic and commercial service, especially in Sidney and other cities of Australia.

Marine Varnishing

Apart from French polishing, Spraying and Staircases we have an expert team to restore Yatch, Boats and Ships etc. We refinish boat interiors. Our finishing service on floor and furniture is highly qualitative and durable. We give high gloss to furniture of boats. We ensure that none of the scratch is remained on furniture.

JW Polishing is highly Committed, Dedicated and devoted to its work and we always try to complete tasks on time. All services by us are offered in highly competitive and reasonable prices. We definitely ensure that you will not feel any hassle while availing our services. We strongly believe that our customer deserves the best in fewer amount So make the most of it.

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